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Humphrey Fisher has died

Humphrey died on Monday 22nd May 2019. He was peaceful for several hours beforehand, after a short infection, and surrounded by family. He had recently moved to a nursing home in Leominster, following a fall at home, and a stay in hospital with an infection which left him unable to walk. He had learnt to walk again whilst in the home, with help from the careful attendants.

Despite his dementia, several  things remained for Humphrey:

  • love of music
  • desire to help people, especially refugees
  • curiosity about new people
  • Quaker values

The thing that made him smile most at the end was live music, whether trumpet, melodeon, piano or dancing from his grandchildren. Almost all of them were able to see him for a family gathering over Easter, from Wales, Germany, Scotland, England and Denmark.

His funeral is tomorrow, and tributes have been pouring in from students, colleagues and friends, which will be lovely to share with those family members, friends and devoted carers who only knew him in later years.

Meanwhile, his first Great-grandchild, Grace, is due to make her appearance today or tomorrow, a fact which her nearly-great grandfather would have found rather moving.






Building pyramids of Trust? Christians and Muslims discuss co-existence

Top Muslim and Christian clerics from the Middle East gathered in Cairo on Tuesday for a two-day conference on promoting co-existence, as sectarian conflict continues to ravage the region. The “Freedom and Citizenship” conference is hosted by Al-Azhar, one of the leading Sunni Muslim authorities based in Cairo. It comes as Coptic Christians in Egypt’s […]

via Al-Azhar hosts meeting on co-existence between Muslims and Christians — A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice: News and Views

Nigeria University reconciles Christians, Muslims divided by Boko Haram

When Humphrey was in Nigeria 50 years ago he spoke to people who couldn’t tell the difference between Christians and Muslims. So much has changed since then, but here is a sign of hope!

A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice:

aun-photoThe American University of Nigeria (AUN) on Tuesday took a major step to reconcile residents of Mubi Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

Mubi is one of the local government areas in Nigeria’s North-east zone that Boko Haram insurgents overran and occupied for months in 2014.

During the crisis, the relationship between Christians and Muslims in the town said to be one of the largest in the state, was seriously strained.

But through its Peer-to-Peer Challenging Extremism campaign tagged, #IAmABeliever, the AUN brought members of Christian and Muslim self-protection groups together for training and sharing of stories on how they survived the Boko Haram carnage.

The programme titled, “Stories-for-Peace Workshop,” was organized by AUN students in collaboration with Illusions of Reflection – a Mubi-based youth group.

The workshop was attended by over 500 members of the Boys Brigade, a non-denominational Christian security group and the Nigerian Aid Group of the…

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Cross Meets Crescent: An Interview with Kenneth Cragg

Understanding the present from the past and creating hope for the future – may Humphrey’s friend Dr Kenneth Cragg’s dream of bringing Muslims and Christians together at the deepest level of their contrasting faith journeys come true this year.

A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice:

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Cragg, who passed away in November of 2012, dedicated his long career to bringing Muslims and Christians together at the deepest level of their contrasting faith journeys.  The article linked below is an interview he did in 1999 which should be read by all wanting to understand the foundations of the current crisis in Muslim- Christian relations as well as positive ways forward.



You’ve said that Christians and Muslims should be trying to work for religious ecumenism. What does ecumenism look like from a Muslim perspective?

It depends on which Muslim you ask, of course, as it would depend on which Christian you asked. The word ecumenae means the whole inhabited world. But we seem to have limited it to Christian togetherness, to Christian mutuality. Couldn’t we have an ecumenae of religions?

The ecumenical movement has adopted the position that “whatever is Christian I will try…

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