Family has been such an important part of Humphrey’s life.  This blog was developed while Humphrey was staying in the Outer Hebrides with younger members of his family who are more familiar with the web than Humphrey ever had the chance to be.

Early family life involved a lot of travel, and the photos in this blog give some idea of the adventures of the Fisher family in the 1960s.

In this blog you can find an account by Humphrey’s father, Allan George Barnard Fisher, of Allan’s reflections on Palestine in 1919 based on his experiences as an Australian soldier during the First World War.

You can explore the experiences of two war child evacuees, Humphrey and his sister Kate, sent to Canada during the Second World War.  You can learn more about Kate through tributes at her funeral in 2011.

You can read an account by Humphrey’s wife, Helga, of her early life in Peru and Germany, including during the Second World War, and get a glimpse of Helga’s later life through a summary of her life written for her funeral.

And perhaps it was concern for his grandchildrens health that led Humphrey to look into the sugar content of cereals.  You can read his trenchant analysis here.

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From Africa and the Americas to Wales: explorers, slaves and war children; religions, pilgrimage and sermons.

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